Welcome to Manorfield Primary and Nursery School


Welcome to Manorfield Primary and Nursery School

Curriculum Enrichment


Manorfield works in partnership with Delight to create immersive arts programmes to provide all children with the opportunity to meaningfully engage with artistic experiences.


Whole School - Delight in Reading

Through the Delight Book Fair held annually, all children are able to choose two books to take home free of charge. 

Children who own a book are 15 times more likely to read above the level expected for their age, than their peers who do not own a book.

The Delight Book Fairs continue to run after school, providing a chance for the wider family to engage in their child's enthusiasm for books.

Additional books are sold at a very low price, 30p per book.


Year 3 - Delight in the Woods

Working alongside Delight and Box Hill National Trust, the children become immersed in "StoryLand". Unfolding experiences ingnites the imaginations of the children, and empowers them to become storytellers. At the end of this unit, children will perform their own stories to parents.


Year 4 - Delight in Watts

Workings alongside Delight and Watts Gallery, the children have first-hand experience of an art gallery and take part in on-site artist workshops, building children's artistic skills. At the end of this unit, children will put on their own art exhibition at Watts Gallery that they and their family visit.


Year 5 - Delight in Shakespeare

Working alongside Delight and The Guildford Shakespeare Company, children build a strong foundation in Shakespeare by creating their own performances. At the end of this unit, children perform a Shakespearian play in full Shakespearian language to their family and the wider community.


These opportunities provide the children at Manorfield Primary and Nursery School with "Memorable Moments".

Focus Days/Weeks

Some aspects of the curriculum are delivered through focus days and weeks.

The timetable is suspended and activities are focused on either a specific subject area or key theme.

Recent focus weeks/days have included Den Day, Science Week, Arts Week, Healthy Living Week and Book Day.

Educational Visits and Visitors

The curriculum at Manorfield is enhanced by using visits and visitors whenever possible.

It is our aim that each class should have an enhanced opportunity each term.

Previous visits and visitors have included the following:


Visits Visitors
Drusillas Zoo Circus Acts
Windsor Castle Pets at Home
Hever Castle Doctors and Nurses
Bough Beech Reservoir Fire Service
Garden Centres Chefs
Local River Mole Historical Experts
Local Library Planetarium Dome
Whole School Pantomime Visit  
London Dungeons  
Old Operating Theatre  


Pupil Responsibilities

There are opportunities within school for pupils to take on a position of responsibility including:

Art Directors

Class Reps

Playground Buddies

Library Monitors

School Ambassadors