Welcome to Manorfield Primary and Nursery School


Welcome to Manorfield Primary and Nursery School

Covid Safe Procedures

Current Covid Risk Assessment

COVID Safe Practices:
Pupils, staff, parents/carers and visitors must not come in to school if: 

  • They have one or more Covid-19 symptoms (fever, coughing, headache, change to taste or smell, cold like symptoms); or has a positive test result 
  • They are required to quarantine having recently visited countries outside the Common Travel Area 
  • They must self-isolate based on the current government guidance:     Isolation Guidance

Staff members, parents and carers will need to: 

  • Book a test if they or their child has one or more symptoms 
  • Self-isolate immediately and do not come to school if they develop symptoms 
  • Inform the school of any test results before returning to school.

If the school is informed of any confirmed cases of Covid-19 amongst the school community, this will be managed with advice from Public Health England. 
All staff in primary schools will continue to test with Lateral Flow tests twice a week in line with Government guidance.

Lateral Home Tests
The Government launched a site where families who have Primary School aged children can order twice weekly lateral tests to take at home – these are for the parents only. Primary school pupils will not be asked to test at this time.
There are two options:

  1. Collect tests from the nearest collection point 
  2. Order tests to be delivered to your home

If you take a lateral test at home you are required to report the results.

School will take no responsibility for ordering these tests for you but we do encourage you to take advantage of this facility. The more people who test the safer our school community will be.


  • Children and adults will clean hands several times during the school day.
  • ‘Catch, bin it, kill it’ approach will be promoted and expected.
  • All classrooms, shared surfaces and toilets will be cleaned daily. 
  • All areas will have windows open so that the school is well ventilated. 
  • Face coverings should not be worn by children at school unless specific permission given by the Headteacher.
  • PPE packs and thermometers are provided for each class.
  • Protocols are in place to manage any suspected case of COVID during school hours.
  • The administering of first aid will be conducted by the office staff using all COVID safety measures. Any medicines need to be kept in the office and medical forms completed – following our usual protocols.
  • If you have been called to collect your child for any reason, then please do so as quick as you can and they will wait in the medical room - every effort will be made to ensure that your child does not come into contact with more adults than necessary.


Our risk assessment gives more information.

There are many ways in which you can communicate with school during this time. 
If you would like to speak with your class teacher please email them using their class email or send a Studybugs message.
If you have a general question please send a Studybugs message or if it is more urgent please call the office.
There is always someone in the office during working hours if you have any concerns:  01293 782839

Alternatively you can send a message to the office via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

We expect all children to be in school unless they are unwell, so please report all absence in the usual way using Studybugs or by calling the office if you need to speak with someone.  Attendance and persistent lateness will be followed up in the same way as normal by our Home-School Link Worker, Louise Boakes. 

If you are unsure of whether your child should come to school please refer to the guidance or contact the school office. 

Snack and Water:
All children will need to bring a named water bottle into school every day containing plain water only. This can be re-filled during the day from designated taps around school. 

EYFS and Key Stage One children will continue to be provided with a snack of fruit each day. 
Key Stage Two children should bring a mid-morning health snack/fruit to school. Our tuck shop remains closed. This will be reviewed in due course.
If you would like for your child to have school milk please contact the office for more information or look at the information on the School Milk page of our website.

As we return to school it will be important to feel a renewed sense of pride in our school community and part of that is looking our very best.  We expect all children to return to school in the correct uniform and school shoes. 
On PE and Dance days please send your children to school in their PE kit with a school jumper. Your class teacher will post more details for you on your child’s Google classroom.
Children are permitted to bring fabric bags/bags for life into school to carry all their items, that can then be stored in drawers.
Children should bring in their book bags as normal.
Uniform information, and the links for ordering can be found on this page.

The pandemic has affected the mental health of our children.

If your child is anxious about returning to school you may like to look at the advice contained in this link:

Mobile phones:
The children in our Upper Key Stage Two (Year 5 and 6) are permitted to bring a mobile phone in to school if they walk to and from school without an adult. This phone needs to be turned off once they arrive at school and be given to their class teacher for safe keeping until the end of the day. Children are not permitted to use their phones during the school day for any reason. Pupils who do not adhere to the school rules regarding the use of mobile phones will not be permitted to bring one in. This is a matter of safeguarding.

Wrap Around Care:
Breakfast Club and AfterZone are now open for business.

Please go onto Scopay to book your child in and pay for your sessions. 
Breakfast club will open from 7.50am and your child will then be able to walk to their classroom at their designated time. Younger children will still be escorted to their classroom. 
AfterZone will run from the end of the school day until 6.00pm. We continue to have safety precautions in place to ensure the health of all children.  All COVID safe practices will be adhered to.
Please ensure that your child is picked up by 6.00pm each night.

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